Do strategic partnerships, venture capital or M&A play a role in your strategy?

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Ginkgo Tree Advisors - M&A | Partnerships | Value Creation

We support entrepreneurs, small- & mid-cap companies, private equity, venture capital and family office investors with advisory services when it comes to strategy and partnerships. Enabling the future of our clients with our solution-driven and
implementation-focused approach as a trusted advisor.

Advisory & Clients

We provide strategic, corporate finance and M&A advisory services to mid-sized corporations, start-ups as well as private equity and venture capital clients.

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Team & Contact

We are an efficient team equipped with a deep understanding and fascination of markets across various sectors, including industrial automation, software & blockchain technology and safety & security.

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News & Research

With our research reports, analysis and publications, we are trying to share insights, perspectives and knowledge on topics that are related to our daily advisory work.

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Our research is featured in renown media and provides valuable insight to our clients.